Bowen and Emmett Practioner

Doughiska, Galway, IrelandTreatment

Originally from Tuam, Galway Co. and now based on the edge of Galway city, Emer discovered Bowen in 2002 through her Aikido instructor, Sensei Alan Ruddock. Having suffered with chronic back trouble and diagnosed with severe degenerative discs at 23yrs, she was taken by something which appeared so gentle and simple producing such dramatic results. Like most people who suffer with chronic pain, she had tried many other alternatives to alleviate the pain and increasing lack of mobility but Bowen stood out for lasting results.

As well as finding a therapy that worked so well for herself, Emer wondered if this could benefit horses too which she has grown up with. While her initial motivation for becoming a Bowen Therapist was to treat horses, part of her training involved becoming fully qualified with people in order to be able to treat a horse/rider combination.
Her training with Julain Baker through E.C.B.S, UK in 2005 ultimately inspired her to become more involved with the people side of the therapy.

While Emer is fully qualified as an Equine Bowen therapist and still treats horses, the majority of her practice is now concerned with human clients.

In addition to her qualifications as a Bowen Therapist, Emer also recently returned full time to NUIG and qualified with a 1st class MSc. in Biomedical Science to add to her original BSc. and MSc. in Mathematics from 10yrs ago. Through treatment experience, she has learned that there is logical reasoning behind the success of Bowen Therapy that has yet to be discovered, something she strives to find the answers for.

The Bowen Therapy gave her back her health and fitness so she can now enjoy competing on horses again as well as many other sports/activities including mini marathons then who knows.
More info on equine Bowen: www.equibowen.com