* Note all treatments are carried out through light clothing either sitting, standing or lying depending on treatment.

All treatments for adults €50 (€40 concession) 

Pain Relief/Body Realignment/Restriction of Movement

Depending on the level of pain, this treatment option focused on relieving severe acute current pain and maybe done standing or in a chair. Primarily involves the Emmett technique and can take from as little as 10mins to gain a result to up to 30mins.
For more chronic pain, posture and gait analysis is assessed and adjusted within the treatment. Focus on releasing restricted movement and will relieve pain. Can be sitting/lying and/or standing.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

This treatment option is suitable for stress related conditions, relaxation or maintenance treatment. This treatment involves a combination of the Emmett and Bowen technique and is carried out on the massage couch.

Stress Relief/Relaxtion/General Wellbeing Treatment

This treatment option is suitable for stress related conditions, relaxation or maintenance treatment. Can help with sleep, digestion, circulation/blood pressure issues. This treatment involves primarily the Bowen technique and it carried out on the massage couch.

Treatment for Pregnancy including back pain, SPD, odema, blood pressure

Depending on stage of pregnancy but in general these sessions are carried out while client is sitting. Suitable through any stages of a healthy pregnancy. Great results can be achieved with pregnancy related conditions such as SPD, odema, help with elevated blood pressure to name but a few. Pregnancy is the one time Bowen and Emmett are recommended more frequently. Arrangement can be made for regular treatments.

Treatment for Babies – Sleep, colic, difficulty feeding, plus more

Babies can be treated from days old for colic, sleep, restlessness, difficulty feeding to name but a few. Bowen and Emmett helps get the baby's system working optimally faster.

Treatments for Children under 10yrs

Any parent having full treatment can avail of the same number for their child (under 10yrs) free of charge. Otherwise €20 per session. Children can benefit from treatment during growth spurts, sleep issues, bed wetting, help relax a child plus many more.
Children with Special Needs can show great improvement with sensory, movement, behaviour plus many more. I have trained with Howard Plummer who specialise with special needs children.


NEW FOR 2014

Holistic facial – €50

Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial and shoulder massage and mask using aromatherapy oils and Kaeso products without Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil. Allow 1 hr.


24hr patch test required for first treatment

Eyelash tint   –   €12

Eyebrow tint  –  €6

Eyebrow shape  –  €10

All three  – €22