Specialising in Pain Relief & Realignment

Since 2005, I have been using Bowen technique very successfully as a non invasive treatment for mainly pain relief and postural realignment. I have recently started to combine it with Emmett technique to give even faster success in my results. My main speciality is back and neck pain and conditions of the spine. I also work with a wide range of conditions  from musculoskeletal to fibromyalgia, infants for colic, during pregnancy (including SPD), elderly to sports people. My success rate in 3-4 sessions has been over 95% with conditions such as lower back pain and this has brought me to have this therapy individually assessed as a method for pain management in chronic conditions.

In the coming months, with the backing of medical supervision, my treatments will be evaluated, compared in the same manner as any pain management system, something I am very proud to have achieved and a great step to have such therapies considered within a clinical setting.

What makes the treatment different

Both techniques are very different from other therapies. They entail a series of moves or holding points which can be performed through light clothing. The pressure used is very gentle yet very precise. There is no prolonged or painful pressure involved although some areas may be tender when first treated. There is no manipulation of bones or constant massaging  – making the treatment very different from  other forms of  therapy such as massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic work or osteopathy. Check out the FAQ section for more info.