Hip/groin pain

A 28 year old male suffering with hip pain for 3/4 years after series of different sport injuries, the hip was the one that remained. Originally he had hurt his knee playing a soccer match then in trying to get back into training he suffered a groin injury 2/3 months later. 4 months later he hurt his lower back and the hip pain started around the same time. He received a nerve block for his back and had physio at the time which helped the back pain but the hip pain remained. He had tried several other therapies in the meantime and had got to the point where he found it difficult to walk. After 4 consecutive weekly treatments the hip pain improved and would only ‘niggle' from time to time. He has continued with regular monthly top-treatments in order to avoid the pain returning and also gains other health benefits from the treatments.

Old knee injury from skiing accident

45yr old woman suffered a knee injury following a skiing accident 5yrs earlier. She received no treatment at the time even though the knee pain stayed over a period of months. She felt the problem had slowly travelled up and now her hip and lower back were being affected with low level pain and restriction. From the first session her knee improved and mobility in hip was noted after the 2nd session. By 3rd session she was very pleased with the results and needed no further treatment.

Foot pain

Lady in her 60s had started back walking and was blaming a bunion for foot pain after a long walk. Half way through the walk her foot got sore but unfortunately had to walk back to get back to the car. Using Emmett, after 5-10mins her pain was gone and didn't return. No follow up session required.