Repeated hamstring injury

A 27 year old male suffered series of sport injuries over the years and eventually had to give up training as a result of continuous hamstring injuries. The previous 2 seasons he had trained very little as a result of injury. He also had degenerative discs in this thoracic spine (upper/mid back) and also suffered with pain behind his shoulders which would be aggravated by any repetitive work such as painting. He came for a series of 3 weekly treatments then continued with monthly treatments until the pain in his upper back settled and his hamstrings no longer were causing any trouble. He tried some light training towards the end of his sessions and they seem to hold well. He has recently returned to football training.

Shin Splints

29 yr old male suffering reoccurring shin splints in both legs which was putting him out of training on a regular basis. He had tried physio on several occasions but the problem either never improved or came back after a short period of time. He had also been given orthotics to use in the past by the physio without success. Following 3 sessions of Bowen plus recommended wearing Your Sole insoles when training, he has now successfully completed a full training session without the shin splints reoccurring.