Shoulder and back pain during pregnancy

A 31 year old pregnant woman presented with right shoulder pain which she had 2 physio sessions but did not get any relief. She was 22 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child on first treatment. She also suffered with very low blood pressure, poor sleep and energy levels during pregnancy. During assessment it became apparent that the left side of her back as very painful to light pressure and the pain could be traced from her right shoulder down left side of her spine to her right sacro-iliac joint. Following 3 weekly sessions the pain regressed back from her right shoulder to her right lower back where it eventually disappeared by the 3rd treatment. About 6 weeks later the pain start in this area again and came for Bowen follow-up treatment which once again cleared the pain for the rest of pregnancy and has had no problem since the birth of her child.

Managing Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Over the years, I have had several clients suffering with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) during different stage of pregnancy. It can also be referred to as Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD). Pelvic pain is caused by excessive movement of the pubic symphysis (front point on the pubic bone) which deteriorates as the pregnancy continues and extra weight on the area. Bowen provides gentle moves which help realign the pelvis maintaining it in a neutral position which helps to elevate the discomfort of the condition and also any associated back ache with pregnancy.

Helping control Hypertension and Blood Pressure during pregnancy

A 32 year old woman had developed pre-eclampsia in her first pregnancy and was hospitalised with an emergency Caesarean section to deliver the baby. On her 2nd pregnancy, doctors told her there was very little she could do but would probably happen again. At 29 weeks, protein was identified in the urine, swelling of ankles and blood pressure raised. She came for daily treatments for a week until all the symptoms had returned to normal. She is currently continuing with 2/3 sessions per week until the baby is born. So far all her stats are normal again and she made it to full term and delivered her baby at 40weeks in full health. Mother and baby doing great after.

Infant Colic

A very simple 5min treatment can help kick start the infant's digestion. I have treated many babies for infant colic, from as young as 2 weeks with great success. Also a 6month old twin came for treatment who was spitting up his feed regularly and had been no change with different types of feed. After 2 sessions the baby's sleep, feeding patterns had greatly improved and had regular dirty nappies and did not require any further treatments. Some colic can be due to intolerances to formula but can also be the digestive system finding it's own balance. This gentle treatment can just help speed up the process which helps parents and baby have a more relaxed daily routine.

Sleeplessness in small children and babies

Several cases have been successful in helping children get into a regular sleep pattern. Most recent was a 2yr old little girl who had never slept properly since she was born and even when she did she was very restless. From her first treatment her mood greatly improved and she became very happy and entertaining compared to more grumpy days which her parents felt was the lack of sleep. As poor habits with sleep had been the case for 2 years it took a few treatments every 2-3 weeks after her initial 2 sessions to help achieve a regular sleep pattern again.