Autistic child – improved behavior and learning

An 8 year old Autistic boy came for treatment because his behavior and sleep patterns were disimproving over the previous 3 months and his mother felt their must be a reason for it. Outside of the autism the only other notable issue was his digestion and regular constipation. While treatment mainly consisted on what the child would allow I mainly tried to focus on improving the digestion and after the 2nd treatment his digestion became more regular and within days the behavior started to improve. His mother can now see the correlation between his digestion and behavior patterns and can act accordingly. Initially this boy came for 3 weekly treatments during school break and now comes every 4-5 weeks for a treatment to help keep things under control. She has also commented that his speech seemed to make a dramatic improvement since starting with Bowen and he recently started to recognise numbers. He also tends not to walk on his toes anymore and will now play and kick a ball.

Benefits noted by parents at the Howard Plummers Clinic, Cardiff, UK

* Clumsiness – improved balance/co-ordination * Spine straightening, often dramatic * Improved motor control e.g. holding up head more; starting to roll over; grasping things * Constipation/nutritional body development * Vocalization/verbalization * Limb aches and pains reduced * Concentration/attention improves at home and school * Greater comprehension * Behavioural improvements – Timidity and aversion to school/shops etc. lessened * Can make friends easier Less frustrated, calmer, quieter – happier child * Sleep patterns improved * Chewing/sucking stronger * Plus the usual benefits of Bowen Aversity to lying on back or front quickly reversed * Quieter, happier children * Better concentration * Some play engendered/and with pets * Loss of some obsessive/repetitive behaviour * Sleep patterns greatly improved * Rage episodes lessened * Abusive behaviour much reduced on self/property * More instances of language use * More eye contact – coming out into the world * Parents’ load relieved – family togetherness enhanced